Engineering Manager - Release Engineering @ Snap

In this position, I get to work with world class talent to help define the next generation of release engineering at Snap and for the industry. After working as a software engineer for nearly 10 years, I discovered within myself a drive to help engineers find their potential and to propel them forward in their careers. Utilizing engineers’ and managers’ respective skills, I strive to guide my employees toward clear goals, ensuring team productivity for the overall growth and success of the company.

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Manager, Release Engineering
April 2020 - Present
Python, Bash, CI/CD, Mobile
  • In this position, I get to work with world class talent to help define the next generation of release engineering at Snap

Director, CDN SRE
April 2018 - April 2020
Management, Budget, Efficiency
  • Responsible for the reliability of the Comcast IP CDN, which serves more than 100 billion requests per day to millions of clients across the United States, supporting hundreds of millions in revenue for Comcast
  • Managed Comcast’s largest hardware deployment to date for the CDN, requiring constant clear communication across multiple organizations to ensure efficient and timely deployments
  • Responsible for maintaining a close working relationship with the Product and Program Organizations
  • Significantly transformed the CDN operations team toward a more modern, automation- focused SRE engineering team
  • Continuous interaction with senior leadership (VPs and SVPs) in communicating current state of our product, as well as the anticipated needs and future direction of the CDN
  • Responsible for recruiting and maintaining elite engineering talent, both locally and remotely
  • Led the design of the first set of KPIs for the Comcast CDN to establish operational visibility

PGi (ReadyTalk acq.)
Engineering Manager
March 2017 - April 2018
Ansible, AWS, Kubernetes
  • Responsible for infrastructure budget projections/adherence to multiple product lines across PGi
  • Led the SRE team through a transition to a more modern infrastructure stack (from data center to AWS + Kubernetes)
  • Maintain bi-weekly one-on-one meetings with all my direct reports to gauge employee satisfaction, generate candid conversations, and to foster mentorship
  • Sole Engineering Manager responsible for effectiveness of two crucial s oftware deliverables for PGi’s new flagship product
  • Maintain positive working relationships with fellow Engineering Managers, ensuring proper communication and expectations for respective teams’ roles within the company
  • Report project status to senior leadership (VP of Engineering, VP of Operations, and CTO) on a weekly basis
  • Worked with senior engineering leadership to establish metrics-gathering and monitoring standards for the entire engineering organization

SDET | DevOps
May 2014 - March 2017
Java, Bash, Python, Selenium
  • Worked to remove discrepancies between our stage and production environments, while ensuring it is done in a completely automated fashion using Python and Bash
  • Developed automated tests in Java and Python while using the Cucumber test framework
  • Responsible for maintaining/enhancing the developer toolset (Jenkins, Artifactory, Deployment scripts, infrastructure automation, etc...)
  • Enjoyed developing and maintaining python code for a wide range of uses
  • Was responsible for deploying the entire ReadyTalk code base (using Jenkins and Python scripts) on a 6-week cadence. It was my job to make sure the code got into production without issues

Automation Engineer
2011 - May 2014
Java, Bash, Perl, Javascript
  • Successfully led NetApp’s "RunCheck" tool (homegrown Jenkins) developed in Perl, which over 100 developers use to verify their code check-ins on a nightly basis
  • Day to day resopnsibilities included writing new product features in perl while maintaining the RunCheck tool
  • Simultaneously worked on two different Proof of Concept committees to evaluate new development tools with the objective of increasing developer productivity
  • Directly managed multiple enterprise storage configurations, which are accessed by hundreds of developers each day running thousands of tests
  • Highly effective at interfacing with customers using my RunCheck automation tool, and providing rapid resolution of any issues

QA Engineer
2007 - 2011
Bash, Perl
  • Highly successful at executing a significant amount of manual and automated test cases on a daily basis resulting in a highquality product
  • Responsible for writing clear, precise, and informative bug reports using ClearQuest, so developers can more easily understand the issue, therefore improving their resolution of the issue
  • Lead automation QA Engineer for the T10-PI project; automated a large percentage of the project’s tests
  • Developed regression test code using Java
  • Proficient at re-creating critical issues reported by customers; tasks entailed re-creation of the issue, customer interfacing to verify the issue, and resolution with developers and upper management to successfully deploy the fix

Metro State University of Denver
Computer Science
2012 - 2014
  • Studied Computer Science

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